"Nature, Schist stone, Remote village"

Gondramaz is a place of natural beauty lost in time.
 This was possible at the expense of the difficulties in its physical access that were imposed until more recently when they fixed the road to the village.
Miguel Torga himself, as a doctor living a few kilometers away in the village of Vila Nova, described the difficulties of getting to Gondramaz. The village remained intact until recent years, and is now gradually being restored with all the measures and limits in place, making it a special place where visitors are invited to travel back dozens of years.

Gondramaz preserves the architecture of yesteryear, the flora of the multi-vegetation, the fauna of deer and foxes, as well as the rejuvenating fresh air from the top of the mountain. In addition to all these aspects, it still has some permanent inhabitants, such as the well-known shepherdess Carminda, who we can call the village mistress.

Retiro de Gondramaz, with its area of 208m2, is a large space compared to the dimensions of other typical houses in schist villages. This is because this retreat originated in two houses that were later joined together, with the street that ran through the middle giving way to what is now the living room. 

Retiro de Gondramaz retains its original structure, composed of solid stone and mountain tiles. The space has recently been completely restored to provide a welcoming experience and the comfort we are used to today.

The combination of this charming village and this historic house offers the opportunity to take a break from today’s hectic life and experience a retreat of peace and charm.